What is Agile Development?

An Agile development methodology is a collaboration-focused development framework, which relies heavily on continuous testing and improvement. Many companies are turning to Agile development methodologies (Scrum, Kanban, Lean) to avoid common development issues and increase efficiency. But without a solid understanding of the agile development process and its related techniques, successfully implementing agile methodologies can be difficult.

The software development process is often plagued by one or more of these common problems:

  • • It fails to deliver the expected value
  • • The cost is more than anticipated
  • • Projects run behind schedule

Celerity is your gateway to high-performing Agile development projects so your project can undergo an agile transformation! We'll work side-by-side with your teams to execute projects rapidly and properly, while teaching them the ins and outs of Agile best practices.

Agile Development Services

  • • Agile Development Assessment: Take the Agile Development Assessment today, to review your Agile development processes and ensuing recommendations for the best Agile software development approach for your environment.

  • • Agile Software Testing: Make sure your Agile software development projects are properly tested, refined, improved, and deployed using our proven Agile software testing practices.

  • • Co-Sourced Agile Project Execution: We work with your internal teams to execute Agile projects in a mixed-team capacity, providing hands-on experience and mentoring.

  • • Agile Pod Delivery: Our multi-functional Agile Pod Teams come prepared to execute against your backlog and deliver a project soup-to-nuts. Your capacity issues are instantly solved.

  • • Minimum Viable Product Development: Get that great new product built and to market faster than ever using the Agile MVP approach. This approach enables you to launch your new idea, test, and make incremental improvements along the way.