Leading Edge Technologies is an experienced CFD analysis company providing CFD simulation & modeling services in the core application areas of aerodynamics, building ventilation, data centers, electronics, filtration, flow control, heat exchangers, heating / refrigeration, lighting and mixing.

We conduct simulation & modeling, aimed at helping engineers improve product quality, reduce carbon footprints, and improve product efficiency at reduced costs. We proficiently provide CFD analysis services for steady and transient flows, dispersed multi-phase flows, multiple rotation zones, chemical reactions, heat transfer (including convection, conduction and radiation), incompressible and compressible flows, free surface flows and cavitation, multiple streams, etc.

Our CFD consultants are also highly experienced in a variety of industrial applications including biomedical devices, electronic cooling, under-hood automotive, aircraft and automotive cabins, chemical mixing tanks, waste water management, residential and commercial HVAC, and wind loads on buildings and oil tanks.

We can solve any type of simple to complex challenges associated with fluid flows and mechanics. Our team is equipped with the latest pre-processing tools and CFD software like OpenFOAM, HyperMesh, ANSYS Fluent, ANSYS DesignModeler/ Meshing, STAR-CCM+, Abaqus/CFD.

Our Services Include:

  • • Aerodynamic Analysis: It encompasses wind turbine blade design, vortex shedding, HVAC applications, wind-farm analysis, and airborne particle transport
  • • Combustion Analysis: Our offerings include species distribution, elemental analysis, flame analysis, emission analysis, and mixing analysis.
  • • Heat Transfer Analysis: Heat transfer modeling, heat transfer simulation, heat exchanger analysis, and hot spot analysis, heat sink analysis.
  • • Multiphase Flow Analysis: Extends free surface flows, fuel injection design & optimization, mixed species & reacting flows, particulate tracking & concentration, and fluid spray design & optimization.
  • • Turbomachinery Analysis: Envisages cavitation’s modeling, blade design and analysis to conjugate heat transfer analysis.