Lean Six Sigma methodology

Lean and Six Sigma are well-established problem-solving methodologies for improving businesses and organizations. The Lean Six Sigma methodology has been developed over decades by business across all industries and organizations seeking a quantifiable and predictable approach to problem solving. Combined, they can help you address cost improvements, streamline processes, reduce defects, and eliminate variation. We help organizations improve their existing work processes for productivity gains and design and implement new work process that meet or exceed customer expectations. Your business will run smarter, more efficiently and more profitably after an evaluation from our Lean Six Sigma consultants. We don’t mask the symptoms; we find the root cause and fix it. The bottom line is that you become more profitable.

What we offer

We do this through consulting services that put highly experienced Lean Six Sigma Black Belts or Master Black Belts directly into your organization to help execute improvement projects. In addition to consulting services we offer training services to enable your organization to complete the requirements necessary to become certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belts and Black Belts. Finally, we offer program deployment as a way to help businesses develop and implement Lean Six Sigma program strategy to achieve their program goals. In many engagements, we provide coaching and mentoring of employees so they can develop stronger Lean Six Sigma skills and perhaps support the development of a culture of continuous improvement.