Products that Exceed Your Requirements

Leading Edge Technologies utilizes an end-to-end planning approach that enables the company to provide a broad spectrum of value-added services and manufacturing capabilities necessary to serve a full-range of dynamic and newly emerging customer needs.

This multi-stage approach relies on the collective efforts of Leading Edge Technologies customer teams. The teams, consisting of representatives from Leading Edge Technologies business development, customer service, engineering, prototype, and manufacturing areas link their talents and expertise to assure total customer satisfaction.

Leading Edge Technologies has demonstrated that this approach has been instrumental in retaining its valued customers, the many of whom have been doing business with the Company for more than 10 years. As we plan for the future, we are increasing investment in our employee and technological resources. This is the only way to insure the continuation of the outstanding service our customers have come to expect.

One Source for Contract Manufacturing

Leading Edge Technologies offers manufacturing and assembly services to custom make your products from small precision parts to large enclosures. We are a vertically integrated contract manufacturer providing diversified services that will help reduce your cost and shorten your supply chain. Leading Edge Technologies services a variety of customers and industries to deliver the highest quality product at competitive prices.

Custom Solutions for Your Market

Leading Edge Technologies presents unique solutions to resolve unique challenges. Each customer has its own requirements when it comes to flexibility , service and expectation. That’s why you need a contract manufacturing partner that understands your market as well as you do. In our industry no two programs and no two customers are alike. We work closely with you to ensure we are providing tailored solutions to fit your needs.