Our Promise of Quality Started on Day One

The end of construction is not the end of our relationship. We continue to serve our project owners in many ways to make sure every aspect of the project meets their full expectations, and so that our post construction services serve as the bridge to our next project.

To provide you with a smooth post-construction experience, the team must identify and resolve potential issues well before doors open. We start off every project planning for Quality, so the focus is on building it right the first time. Since we’ve embedded quality activities into every step along the way, we’re able to eliminate surprises, plan for an effective turnover to your facilities team, and make sure you’re not bothered with annoying nuisance issues that can take time and additional dollars to take care of. Our goal is to have ZERO punch-list items on that final walkthrough of your project.

Getting You in the Door on Time

Clear communication throughout all phases of a project is not just an important part of Quality and Safety, but also of closing out projects quickly and smoothly. Using collaborative technology in the field, we manage close-out checklists, identify potential outstanding issues and immediately assign these to relevant team members so they can begin resolving the items right away. Sometimes while we’re still walking the project. All of this is tied directly into the project’s Building Information Model for quick and easy reference by your team, both during construction and after completion.

Planning for turnover started way back in the Design Phase. Working closely with your facilities team, we’ll coordinate with relevant inspectors to define and implement your occupancy plan, and then manage warranties, final lien releases, project documentation and final electronic as-builts to make sure all items are taken care of and ready to turn over to your team.

We’re Here for You

We’re a commercial construction company that stands behind our work. Our post-construction goal is always to address any potential issues well before a project’s final completion date, including developing a turnover plan and training your facilities team on how to operate and care for your building.

However, if something comes up, our Warranty Promise kicks in to make sure your project is up and running the way it should be. During the post-construction phase, you’ll never be alone. We’ll be in touch on a regular basis to follow up on any outstanding items and always schedule an 11-month walk-through of your project to address any outstanding items once you’ve had time to settle in. We offers our warranty promise on each and every project we deliver because we want to make sure your project is done right, from start to finish..

Our post construction services include:

  • • Project follow-up after we’ve turned it over for occupation
  • • Modifications for improved functionality
  • • Maintaining an open line of communication for questions
  • • Review of agreed-to overall project criteria
  • • Guidance to those providing maintenance and upkeep
  • • Enhanced commissioning and other sustainable practices.