Uncovering real value in the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is all around us. From our homes, to our bodies, to our cars — the lines between digital and physical are blurring. As objects become smarter, it’s possible to unlock the potential of entirely new products and services. IoT is not about things. It’s about finding new ways to delight customers and create new sources of revenue.

Experience the Power of Connected Devices

The IoT isn’t a faraway concept. It’s already here and can evolve your enterprise:

  • • Utilities use smart sensors to remotely monitor readings, eliminate manual inspections and ensure service across various locations
  • • Hospitals leverage wearable devices to monitor patient activity and prescribe the right treatments
  • • Retailers use sensor-equipped trucks to monitor shipments, track vendors, and avoid supply chain bottlenecks

Maximize the Value of Untapped Data

With new data from connected devices, you understand exactly what’s happening at every corner of your enterprise at all times. You can respond to alarms and alerts, address issues before they become problems, and use analytics and machine learning to take preventative actions that increase reliability and reduce downtime.

Visualize Information and Integrate with Business Processes

Intuitive dashboards allow you to monitor assets and performance KPIs across a landscape of devices. Key people can access the information they need to act in real time, and business processes can be automated by integrating IoT data with systems such as ERP and CRM. If an asset goes down, a service ticket can be automatically created, the customer notified via CRM, and a technician can be deployed to fix the issue immediately.